WOD #2 - Pump Sesh

At the call of 3-2-1 go! Athlete 1 will establish a 3-rep max barbell bench press from the rack. Once the max weight is established, athlete 2 will begin a 3-rep max back squat. Athletes will have 5 min to establish both max lifts in this given order. Athlete 1 may not attempt more reps once athlete 2 has started. At the 5 min mark, athletes will have 1 min to remove bar from the rack and adjust weight to the prescribed hang clean weight for their division. At the 6 min mark, athletes will begin the couplet of hang cleans and synchronized bar over burpees. One athlete will work at a time for hang cleans. The third score is for time or max reps at the 5 min cap. Let it burn!

Notes: The clock does not stop. Teams will receive 1 rack and 1 bench each. Weights can be loaded for the first lift prior to the event starting. Athletes can spot their teammate. Once the repetitions start, spotter may not make contact with their teammate or the bar or this will result in a no-rep. If an athlete is no-repped during any lift in the set of 3, they must start their set of 3 reps over. Athletes may both assist in changing weights. Tag outs are not required.

Bench Press: The rep starts with elbows extended and bar above chest. The bar most touch the athlete’s chest at the bottom. The rep is complete when the elbows return to full extension above the chest.

Back Squat: The rep starts with the bar in the back rack position with knees and hips extended. The athlete must squat until the crease of the hip is below the knee. The rep is complete when the athlete returns to the upright position with the bar in the back rack position and hips and knees fully extended.

Hang Clean: Any clean is acceptable as long as the repetition starts in the hang or high hang position and finishes with the athlete’s knees and hips fully extended with elbows in front of the bar.

Synchronized Bar Over Burpees: Teams may start on the same or opposite sides of the bar. The rep starts with both athletes’ chests touching the ground at the same time. The rep is complete when both athletes jump to the opposite side of the bar. Athletes can face the bar or go laterally. Stepping up from the bottom position is acceptable. All division except novice must jump over the bar. Athletes do no have to jump at the same time, but both chests must start on the ground at the same time for the repetition to start.