Workout #4: “Clean Ladder, Rinse & Repeat” = 3:30min Cap

Division Male Weights Female Weights
RX 205/235/265/300 125/145/165/185
Intermediate 165/195/225/255 95/115/135/155
Scaled 115/145/175/205 55/75/95/115

Race Rules

The goal of the Ladder is to accumulate as many points as possible, as a team, within 3.5 minute. One player lifting at a time.

Each lane will have 4 female bars and 4 male bars. The bars increase in weight moving down the lane. The 1st bar is worth 1 point, 2nd worth 2, 3rd worth 3 and 4th worth 4 points.

  • In each lane, only one Player at a time may be in play on the ladder.
  • No succeeding Player may leave the Start Zone to enter the ladder until the previous Player has come back to the start line to tag them in.
  • A Player on the ladder may attempt to accumulate as many points (max 10) for their team as possible by choosing which bars to attempt to lift. Males may only lift male bars, females may only lift female bars.
  • A Player may start anywhere on the ladder and may skip any bar, but may only move forward through the ladder. A Player is permitted only one lift attempt per bar.
  • Players must alternate by gender
  • All Players on a team must at least touch a barbell before a Player is allowed to move through the ladder for an additional round.
  • Players may attempt the ladder as many times as possible within the 3.5min cap follow the above gender rules.


  • Player must elevate the barbell from the ground to the shoulders, achieving a front rack position
  • Player may use any form of clean including power or squat unless otherwise designated
  • The clean is complete when Player successfully achieves a fully standing position with:
    • barbell under control in the front rack position
    • both elbows past the frontal plane of the barbell
    • Player’s feet stationary, parallel and within shoulder width
    • hips fully open
    • knees locked out
    • heels on the ground