Event 3

10 Min Cap: 1 Partner Works at a time. Partners may switch at any time.

Buy In: 100 Double Unders (Novice = 100 Singles)


HSPU (Seated DB Strict Press: Intermediate 35/25, Novice 30/20)

Hang Power Clean (RX 165/115)(Masters 155/105)(Intermediate 135/95)(Novice 115/75)

Toes to Bar (Novice = Hanging Knee Raise)

Front Squat (Same weight as clean)

Cash-Out: With any time remaining, Max Reps of Bar Muscle Ups (RX/Masters)(Intermediate = Pull Ups)(Novice = Male/Pull Ups, Female/ Ring Row)

Athletes will have 10 Minutes to get as far as they can. Score is the total number of reps at the 10 min cap.

**Key Standards**
HSPU: Athletes will keep hands in a 3 ft box. You will have an abmat under your head. You can start with your head on the mat or arms extended. The rep is complete when your head goes from the abmat to your arms fully locked out, with your heels on the backboard. Athletes may kip. SEATED STRICT PRESS: Athletes will have a dumbbell in each hand, and you will sit with your back against the wall. The Rep starts with the dumb bell touching the shoulder, and is complete when the arms are fully extended with the dumbbells touching the wall behind you. HANG POWER CLEAN: The rep will start with the bar stopped above the knee and finish with the bar on the shoulders, elbows in front of the bar, and the knees and hips fully extended. FRONT SQUAT: The bar will start on the floor. You can squat clean into your first rep. Hips and knees must come to full extension at the top. RING ROWS: Feet must be placed across the plane of the rig. The rep starts when arms are full extended and finishes with the rings touching the chest, shoulders, or biceps. Athletes may kip.

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