Event 1

Athletes will have 8 minutes to establish 1 Rep Max lifts of Back Squat and Shoulder to Overhead

0-4 min: Back Squat Score 1 = total weight of both teammates’ heaviest lifts

4-8 min: S2O Score 2 = total weight of both teammates’ heaviest lifts

Athletes will start with an empty bar and a single rack. At the call of 3-2-1 go, both athletes will have 4 min combined to establish a 1RM Back Squat. The clock will remain running. At the 4 minute mark, athletes will switch to establish a 1 RM S2O. Any shoulder to overhead from the rack will be acceptable. Both feet must return under the hips with legs and arms fully extended and barbell over the shoulders to complete the rep.

Men will have a 45 lb bar, women will have a 35 lb bar. Partners can spot each other but can not touch the other partner or bar while the lift is being performed. You cannot decrease weight on the bar at any time except to put on your team’s starting S2O weight. This is a 2-score event.

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